Monday, 31 August 2015



Assalamu'alaikum warrahmatullah.

Dear bloggie,

So! Today is 30 / 08 / 2015.
A big day for a special person in my life, my mom.
It has been 55 years since you were born and I know It has been rough throughout those years.
Be it happiness or sadness or frustration or breakdown or sickness, you have been through them all.
Giving birth to me is one of the hardship you've been through, which breaks my heart a little everytime I think about it.

Everytime you tell me a story about how hard it was giving birth to me, compared to my siblings.
I was like "Noooo, it's too painful. I can't handle it."
And it must be more painful to you, of course.
22 years living with you, I know I always make you mad and annoyed taking care of me.
Ever since I was a kid, I like to fuss around and make some troubles.
I'm a really bad daughter,aren't I?
But you never complained.

I remember everytime you want something, and I want that thing too, you'll give it up to me and said, "I don't need that or I don't like that or I'm already full(when it comes to food)."
I'm sorry I didn't understand your intention back then.
I only take what I want without thinking about you.
But now I understand the situation better and I always knew it when you lied.

When you say "I don't want" but you're giving that "I want but it's okay" look.
This time, it's my turn to return you a favor.
It's my turn to give up everything I have just for your sake.
It's my turn to take care of you.
It's my turn to do everything you ever did to me.

I just got back from my sister's house, baking some cookies for mom.
and tadaaaaaa :3

I thought of buying cake at first but I realized mom can't really eat cakes because it's too sweet.
So I share with my sister and we bought a basket of fruits!
I bet mom will love it!

So, ma.
I wanna take this "invinsible" chance(since ma won't read in here) to thank you.
For giving me the best thing out of my life.
Thanks for giving birth to a so-not-normal kid like me and having you suffered from the pain of it.
It was hard, wasn't it?
I used to think, I better not born than making your life hard.
But there must be a reason of why you have me.

I will try my best to fulfill all your wants in the future.
I'm sorry for all of the troubles I've caused and for being stubborn and rebel sometimes? Haha.
I'm sorry ma.
I will be a good daughter.
I will!

Thanks for everything and have a good birthday, ma.
I can't even imagine how to live if you're not here by my side.
Thanks for teaching me how to live and survive.
I love you to the moon and the back!

Che Rahaya Bte Embong.

A very happy birthday.
Semoga ma dipanjangkan umur, diberi keberkatan umur.
Semoga ma terus kuat menghadapi ape saje cabaran hidup and senyum macam selalu.
Semoga Allah bagi ma kesihatan and hapuskan semua penyakit yang ada.
Semoga ma dapat tengok kejayaan anak anak ma satu hari nanti.
Semoga ma bahagia didunia mahupun di akhirat,
Semoga kita boleh jumpa di pintu syurga and hidup sama sama selamanya.
Semoga yang terbaik dan indah dalam dunia ni milik ma.

You stubborn daughter,



p.s Little sister, in case if you're reading this. Let's share this happiness together. My mom is your mom too. <3

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