Saturday, 4 June 2016

I wish..


Assalamu'alaikum warrahmatullah.

Dear bloggie,

For I am now a "not-so-officially graduated" but more to like "someone that has officially ended my studying session in my college", or briefly said, FREEEEEE, I decided to start searching for more and more idea on what to update on my blog. Kinda lost, kinda so. 

Now that I've stumbled upon here, I should begin writing something good, at least, right? Myy, I have no idea what to write. Let me see. *staring at the ceiling. Usually when people think, they often look at the ceiling don't they? or not exactly ceiling but you most probably look upward for no reason. Righto? No? Fine. LOL
Okay enough babbling.

There are always so many things that I planned to write but I end up not writing it and soon after that, I totally forget about it. What to do. I aged a lot now. --' So let's just simply start with something random. Who knows I'll get my precious idea later. 

Yosh! *CLAP!* Currently I have TEN hamsters to take care of, having a hard time to put them in a more comfortable place but I tried my best though. Alsoo I need to spend more on their food and stuffs like that. People around me keep asking, what is the point of taking care of "these things". Correction you guys, they're not just things. They are my pets, my babies, my best friends and my room mates. You have no idea what they means to me. I am a person who lived alone (most of the time). Half of my life, I spent it alone, in my tiny room. Okay I won't make it sounds too dramatic like I was the only one in this world who ever lived alone. Oh come on. *mata ke atas 

Because when I'm home, I really have no one to play with. Abah and mama aged a lot. They look much older now. Of course, that's what aging means, what am I thinking. Pfft *bang head. But no, I just wanna say that, last time they played with me a lot. They entertained me, they were everything. They made my day. I'm not saying that now they are not. I mean, they are, it's just that the situation has become more and more different than before. I wish I could stop the time at when I am 7 years old. Because Abah and Mama are much healthier than they are now. Huh it's not good to sigh over bad things that happened to us right? But i just have no idea who else to talk this to. 

I just want Abah and Ma to be healthy, laugh like hell with me. Creating a very cheerful surroundings. Now things are much different when I sit alone in my room, and suddenly Ma called me out loud saying Abah is not feeling well. Everytime that happens, my heart skipped a beat. I can't breathe properly because I'm afraid that tragedy where Abah was diagnosed with a heart attack, happens again. No. I don't want it. 

All this while my parents have been with me. What am I without them. I'm nothing. 

OK! Enough with those sad stories. My gosh I hate it when I expect that this blog hears everything I said and hug me to console me for every pains I've gone through. I keep expecting and expecting. I also keep forgetting that this is all virtual. 

At first I wanna talk about my hamster, see how far this goes?  
This blog can deceives me to let out all my secrets, Phew I have to be super cautious. --' This is not really me tho'.

Milky has given birth to a baby called Mirmo. I named it after Mirmo Zibanggggg. Kawaii? Just like M-. Fill in the blank. *self-praise moment
The baby is sooo friggin cute I can bite him and chew him and spit him out and bite him all over again. *PukulPukul
It's not exactly 'him' though because I haven't figure out what gender the baby has. The fur are so much like the dad (Choco) but that doesn't mean the baby is male, doesn't it? HAHA whatever I don't intend to know the gender. I just love him so much. 

Carrot has also given birth to 5 cute little babies, and guess what. Of all 5 babies, there is only one baby hamster that has the fur exactly like Carrot. The rest inherit Makky. I loooooove how they grow up healthily and play with each other. Carrot Junior (the one who looks like Carrot) always sleep by his/her mother's side. So annoying yet lovable, I feel like teasing him/her all the time. *I did tho'. Teehee (copy Ryan's style)

Now I have someone or something to play with when I come home. Last time, without these babies, I have nothing much to do at home. Sits alone in my room, play laptop and read novels and wake up the next day doing the exact freaking same things. 
LIFELESS huh? Exactly *nod nod
These are basically the reasons of why I want these hamsters with me. They kinda complete me. I have a few people that I love but I couldn't bring them home and make them stay with me. I love my bestsisterfriend, Nicoh but I couldn't bring her home. I can't have her with me all the time. Kiah too, I can't always bring her with me. People that I love are so far away from me. How do you expect me not to be lonely? Pfft. Sometimes I just had this stupid wish  "I wish my brothers didn't died."




  1. Alah shayang.. Ganbare na! Tell me if you need anything tho :)

  2. 5 already?? ase bru hri tu mg cter psl yg dh xde tue....


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